9/3/15: Education in Michigan

As parents cheer wildly, kids across the state are getting ready to go back to school after Labor Day. But what kind of education are they getting here in Michigan and how does it compare to other state? Tonight on MiWeek, host Christy McDonald and weekly contributors Nolan Finley and Stephen Henderson devote the entire show to education. Plus, Christy has an in-depth conversation with the new State Superintendent Brian Whiston.

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8/27/15: Part-Time Push / DIA Pay / Immigration Debate

Tonight on MiWeek, host Christy McDonald and weekly contributors Nolan Finley and Stephen Henderson take a look at the issues making news locally and nationally:

  • Part-Time Legislature – As state lawmakers enter a second year of working on a roads funding package, there are renewed calls for a part-time legislature that might be more effective at getting things done.
  • DIA Compensation- Less than a year after Detroit emerged from bankruptcy, the DIA wants pay raises and bonuses for the museum’s top executives. Is this bad timing?
  • Immigration – Will Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s immigration plan help or hurt him in the 2016 campaign?

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8/20/15: Roads, the House, and School Enrollment

Student enrollment is shrinking in Michigan’s public schools, forcing districts to close buildings and make cuts due to a drop in enrollment-based revenue. The MiWeek team weighs in on the financial fallout and whether this trend will ever reverse.

Plus, State lawmakers are still trying to get a $1.2 billion roads funding package passed.  Now, Republicans are trying to get the support of Democrats, and it could be tied to an effort to collect income tax from Detroit residents who work outside the city.

The team discusses the political maneuvering, plus they’ll take a look at the latest in the sex scandal involving two members of the House and what could be on the Legislature’s fall agenda.

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8/13/15: State House Sex Scandal / Trump in Michigan / Melissa Gilbert

Tonight, host Christy McDonald and weekly contributors Nolan Finley and Stephen Henderson take a look at the stories making headlines across the state:

  • As details of an alleged cover-up plot involving two state lawmakers continue to emerge, the MiWeek team speculates on what will happen next to Rep. Todd Courser and Rep. Cindy Gamrat.
  • Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump brings his campaign to Michigan, where he continues to make news with controversial comments aimed at Mexican immigrants. This time, Ford Motor Company is also a target. The MiWeek team weighs in on the possible fallout.
  • The “Little House on the Prairie” star, Melissa Gilbert, wants a seat in the “Big House on Capitol Hill.” The MiWeek team debates her changes on winning in Michigan’s 8th Congressional District
  • The MiWeek team discusses a few local news headlines, including the surprising news of Governor Snyder’s veteran Chief of Staff stepping down from his post.

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8/6/15: Republican Presidential Debate / FBI Surveillance / Local Headlines

Tonight on MiWeek, host Christy McDonald and contributors Nolan Finley and Nancy Kaffer take a look at the stories making headlines across the state:

  • The first of several Republican Presidential debates takes place Thursday night. The MiWeek team talks about the issues likely to come up for discussion and they speculate on the tone of the debate.
  • Community leaders in Dearborn are unhappy with recent sightings of an FBI spy plane used in surveillance programs. Is the investigation terror-related? Why has the surveillance taken place several times in metro-Detroit? The MiWeek team weighs in with their thoughts.
  • One year after toxic algae blooms contaminated water for residents in Michigan and Ohio, the problem still exists and is getting worse. Christy narrates a video, produced/edited by Ed Moore and Aaron Martin, which takes a look at the latest steps to stop this crisis in the Great Lakes. View all the coverage from Detroit Public TV at Great Lakes Now >

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7/30/15: A Conversation with Detroit Police Chief James Craig

Tonight on MiWeek, Detroit Police Chief James Craig joins us in-studio for an in-depth conversation about crime in Detroit. The team will talk with Chief Craig about the rising incidences of gun violence in the city and overall crime in Detroit. Plus, we’ll discuss police chase policies, the need for community involvement in solving crimes, and the recent carjackings that have been captured on surveillance cameras.

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7/23/15: City Emails / County Money / Party Lines / Council Votes

Tonight on MiWeek:

Governor Snyder announces that he is in agreement with the sate review team’s assessment of Wayne County – it is in financial emergency. Now, it’s up to the Wayne County Commission to determine the next steps.

Should the Mayor and City of Detroit employees conduct city business using personal email accounts? That situation recently came to light, and the MiWeek team weighs in on the fallout.

Plus, Michigan Democrats want to take politics out of the redistricting process and let an independent committee redraw the political boundary lines every 10 years. The idea is garnering a national discussion after the U.S. Supreme Court recently ruled in favor of a similar model in Arizona.


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7/16/15: Flag Flap / Iran Deal / Illegal Art? / Good News

Tonight on MiWeek:

  • General Motors stands behind Chevrolet’s sponsorship of Kid Rock’s summer tour, even though a local civil rights group is urging the automaker to cut financial ties with the singer because he may display a Confederate Flag on stage as he has in the past. Will this impact GM?
  • U.S. lawmakers, including some of Michigan’s congressional delegation, express skepticism over the historic nuclear agreement with Iran. Plus, how will it impact the next President?
  • Famous graffiti artist Shepard Fairey is charged with malicious destruction of Detroit property for tagging buildings in the city. The debate rages on: Was he helping or hurting the City?
  • The MiWeek team debuts a new segment, “A Good Week,” that looks at the people who were positively impacted by various news stories this week.

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MiWeek Web Exclusive: Extended Dan Varner Interview (7/9/15)

As Detroit Public Schools closes out the fiscal year with a $238 million deficit, national education experts have been visiting the City at the invitation of Excellent Schools Detroit.  Christy interviews ESD CEO Dan Varner about the visits and what advice the school reformers are providing for improving education in Detroit.

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7/9/15: Tuition Jump / Expert Advice for DPS / Registry Changes? / Empty Homes

Some staggering numbers this week for students heading to college in Michigan this fall, as two universities decide to jack up tuition past the state’s cap. Even if you don’t have anyone going to college, the price of education and the lack of state funding will impact all of us here in the state. Also, as Detroit Public Schools drown in debt, education leaders come to the city to offer advice. We hear about their visit from Excellent Schools Detroit CEO Dan Varner. Plus, the case of a teenage boy who is likely to end up on a sex offender registry for the rest of his life – should laws be changed? And Detroit’s foreclosure crisis is causing blight and costing the city hundreds of millions of dollars. Tonight, we trace the roots of the problem.

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Foreclosures fuel Detroit blight, cost city $500 million via The Detroit News

Extended Interview with Dan Varner

MiWeek Web Exclusive – 7/9/15