2/11/16: Michigan Budget / Flint & DPS Updates / Politics / Headlines

Governor Snyder made his Fiscal Year 2017 Budget recommendations before the Legislature. The largest areas for funding are set aside for fixing the Flint water crisis, Detroit Public Schools, and education (both higher ed and K-12). The MiWeek team analyzes the proposed funding for each of these important areas. The team also takes a closer look at the Democratic presidential candidates and the continued rise of Bernie Sanders.

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For the full discussion, join us tonight at 7:30 on WTVS – Detroit Public Television.

2/4/16: Flint Water Hearings / DPS E.M.

Tonight on MiWeek:

  • Flint water hearings – The EPA and Michigan DEQ get reprimanded during Congressional Hearings in Washington on the Flint water crisis. Plus, Flint’s Mayor wants the pipes replaced.  The MiWeek team analyzes the latest development in this ever growing story.
  • Detroit Public Schools Emergency Manager – DPS Emergency Manager Darnell Earley steps down early from his term. The MiWeek team debates whether another E.M. is the answer to the DPS problems.
  • Iowa Caucus – The Iowa Caucuses pave the way for the Michigan Presidential Primary in March.  The MiWeek team talks about the candidates and their plans for attracting Michigan votes.
  • Nolan’s Book – The MiWeek team looks at Nolan’s new book, “Little Red Hen,” — a collection of his columns.

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1/28/16: Flint Water Crisis / Detroit Schools Inspection / 2016 Presidential Race

Tonight, host Christy McDonald and weekly contributors Nolan Finley and Stephen Henderson take a look at the stories making headlines across the state and nation:

  • Flint Water Developments – Governor Snyder announces new actions in the efforts to make things right in the Flint water crisis, including a plan to relieve residents from paying their water bills.
  • Detroit Public Schools Update – The MiWeek team analyzes the latest in the DPS saga, including City of Detroit inspections of school buildings and the dismissal of a DPS injunction request against teachers who have shut down schools with massive sickouts.
  • Presidential Politics – The MiWeek team examines the presidential race as the Iowa caucuses near.


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1/21/16: Flint Water Crisis / DPS Crisis

Tonight, from the Detroit Historical Museum, the MiWeek team covers the biggest stories making headlines across Michigan:

  • Flint Water Crisis – Governor Snyder releases his emails in the Flint water crisis, and makes a pledge to fix things for Flint residents in his State of the State address. The MiWeek team takes a look at the governor’s latest actions and analyzes whether it will be enough to make things right.
  • Detroit Public Schools Crisis – Governor Snyder also has a DPS crisis on his hands, as most of the schools shut down in a massive teacher sickout and protest. And it’s all happening on the day President Obama comes to town. The MiWeek team debates what’s next for DPS and looks at the President’s possible role in both the DPS and Flint water emergencies.
  • One Detroit Initiative – Host Christy McDonald introduces viewers to DPTV’s “One Detroit” initiative.


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MiWeek State of the State Special – 1/19/16

MiWeek Team - Stephen Henderson, Christy McDonald and Nolan Finley

MiWeek’s Christy McDonald, Nolan Finley, and Stephen Henderson provide analysis of Governor Snyder’s sixth State of the State address.



Christy McDonald talks with Congressman Dan Kildee about Flint water crisis

MiWeek host Christy McDonald sat down for a candid conversation with Congressman Dan Kildee (MI-05) to discuss Flint’s water crisis.


Watch the full interview here:

Read Congressman Kildee’s statement on Governor Snyder’s request for federal assistance for Flint.

1/14/16: New Health Threat / DPS Next Steps / Auto Show

Tonight on MiWeek:

  • Flint Water Emergency – Governor Snyder calls in the National Guard to assist with the distribution of bottled water and other resources to Flint residents, as the situation continues to develop and attract national and international attention. The MiWeek team takes a look at the latest action and where this story is headed.
  • DPS Problems – The Governor also has a Detroit Public Schools fix to think about, in light of the recent teacher sickouts and deplorable conditions inside some of the school buildings. The MiWeek team debates what will happen next with DPS.
  • Auto Show – Christy, Nolan and Stephen analyze this year’s Auto Show and give their picks for favorite new vehicles.

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1/7/16: Flint Water Emergency / Gun Control / DPS Debt / Headlines

Happy New Year! The MiWeek team is back with a look at the stories making news across Michigan and the nation:

  • Flint Water Emergency – Governor Snyder has declared Flint’s water crisis a state of emergency. Plus, he apologized over the holidays and the head of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality resigned. But is that enough? The MiWeek team debates whether more action – even a federal investigation – is warranted.
  • Gun Control – President Obama’s executive order relating to gun control is being hotly debated across the country. Will these stricter rules help reduce gun violence?
  • DPS Debt – A new report by the Citizens Research Council of Michigan paints a bleak picture of the Detroit Public Schools finances. It shows the district has a total debt of about $3.5 billion and DPS admits it will run out of cash in April. The MiWeek team examines the options available for the district.

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12/17/15: Extended Interviews with Mayor Mike Duggan and Governor Rick Snyder

A Conversation with Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan:

Host Christy McDonald and Stephen Henderson talk with Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan for a wide-ranging interview. Mayor Duggan shares some of his frustrations from this year since the City emerged from bankruptcy, improvements in public safety, and questions surrounding blight removal.


A Conversation with Governor Rick Snyder

Governor Rick Snyder joined host Christy McDonald and contributor Nolan Finley to discuss the stalled plan for Detroit Public Schools, the Flint water crisis, his priorities for next year, and more.

12/17/15: GOP Debate / Mayor Duggan / Governor Snyder

Tonight, the MiWeek team takes a look at the stories making news across the state and country.

  • This week, Republicans held the last presidential debate for this year. The MiWeek team debates where the Presidential race is heading for 2016.
  • Christy and Stephen conducted a wide-ranging taped interview with Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan. We’ll hear his thoughts on Detroit after bankruptcy, public safety in the city, and addressing neighborhood blight.
  • Christy and Nolan have an in-depth conversation with Governor Snyder, looking back at this year in Michigan. They discuss Detroit schools, the Flint Water crisis, and the roads deal.

Watch the full episode here:

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