July 24, 2014: Detroit Bankruptcy & Water / Election Spotlight / John Dingell & Kim Kardashian

Tonight on MiWeek, host Christy McDonald and contributors Nolan Finley, Nancy Kaffer (Detroit Free Press), and Sandra Svoboda (WDET) examine the stories making news across Michigan:

• Another big step in Detroit’s bankruptcy
• Tensions over water shut offs in Detroit
• A spotlight on the 4th Congressional District
• Cautious optimism for the new stadium and residential plans in downtown Detroit Public Television
• Orange is NOT the new black at a jail in Saginaw
• John Dingell, the E.P.A., and…Kim Kardashian?

It’s all tonight on MiWeek!

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July 17, 2014: Election Spotlight / Detroit Updates / Fireworks & Spies

MIWEEK317HDseg2Detroit again took center stage, nationally and internationally, with the water department’s decision to pursue massive shutoffs for residents owing more than $150. Tonight the MiWeek team takes a look at the water shutoffs in the city and why the issue reached bankruptcy court. Speaking of bankruptcy – it’s been exactly one year since Detroit filed for Chapter 9, so where are we in the process and are things better or worse for the city?

The team also spotlights races in the 11th and 14th congressional districts, as well as the race for Wayne County Executive.

Plus, will Michigan make big fireworks illegal again? And why are some Republicans wearing spy glasses?

It’s all on MiWeek!

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July 10, 2014: DIA Art Appraisal / Charter School Reform / Birth Control Decision / Fill in the Blank

MIWEEK316HDseg4Tonight on MiWeek, host Christy McDonald and contributors Nolan Finley and Stephen Henderson take a look at the issues making headlines across the state:

  • A new report on the value of DIA art was released just days before creditors and retirees are to vote, but will the new appraisal have any impact on the bankruptcy vote?
  • A warning from state superintendent to charter schools
  • Senator Carl Levin co-sponsored a bill to reinstate access to birth control for women

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Visit our partner site, Detroit Journalism Cooperative, for more coverage on Detroit’s bankruptcy.

July 3, 2014: The Biggest Discussions from the Mackinac Policy Conference

Tonight on MiWeek, host Christy McDonald revisits some of the biggest conversations from the Mackinac Policy Conference: What will the future hold for Detroit as it works through bankruptcy? What does the future hold for students across the state? Will we see more regional cooperation from Macomb, Oakland, and Wayne counties? Tune in as Christy talks with

  • Governor Rick Snyder
  • Kevin Orr, Detroit Emergency Manager
  • Tonya Allen, Skillman Foundation CEO
  • Don Graves, Executive Director of President’s Council on Jobs & Competitiveness
  • L.Brooks Patterson, County Executive of Oakland County
  • Robert Ficano, County Executive of Wayne County
  • Mark Hackel, County Executive of Macomb County

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June 26, 2014: A Conversation with Kevyn Orr & Detroit Bankruptcy Update

MIWEEK314HDseg2Tonight on MiWeek, a conversation with Detroit’s Emergency Manager, Kevyn Orr. We’ll get the latest on the city’s bankruptcy and discuss what will happen after the city exits the process. Plus, Mayor Mike Duggan made a promise – a six month promise, to be exact – to the people of Detroit. Our partners with the Detroit Journalism Cooperative help us assess his progress.

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For more coverage on Mayor Duggan’s first six months, from our DJC partners:

Bridge Magazine

Michigan Radio 


June 19, 2014: Higher Education Funding / U.S. Senate Race / Grading the Legislature / E.A.A. Troubles

MIWEEK313HDseg4Tonight MiWeek takes a closer look at the issues making news across the state:

  • Higher education funding and tuition hikes for Michigan universities
  • A look at the senate race between Terri Lynn Land and Gary Peters
  • Grading the Michigan legislature
  • More trouble for the Education Achievement Authority of Michigan


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June 12, 2014: School and Roads Funding / Preschool Programs / Detroit 3’s Millions

Tonight the MiWeek team takes a look at the stories making news across the state:


• Last minute deals to fix Michigan roads
• Recent K-12 education funding upsets traditional school districts
• Detroit Public Schools’ Head Start funding is in jeopardy
• Detroit’s ‘Big 3’ to donate 26 million dollars to the Detroit Institute of Arts
• Tea Party in Michigan gets attention
• Mitt Romney endorses U.S. House candidate Dave Trott

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May 29, 2014: MiVote Mackinac Tonight!

Regional round tableTonight on MiWeek, host Christy McDonald and contributors Nolan Finley and Stephen Henderson, weigh in on the conversations happening at the Mackinac Policy Conference: reforming education, creating jobs, regional leadership, Detroit’s development, and much more!

Join us tonight at 7:30 on WTVS – Detroit Public Television. Or, catch up with Mackinac Policy Conference sessions or previous MiWeek episodes online.

Christy McDonald Hosts the Live Broadcast from the Mackinac Policy Conference


Watch Christy Live today from the Mackinac Policy Conference

May 22, 2014: Michigan’s Future / Controlling Detroit / Sales Tax & Roads / Election 2014

MIWEEK310HDseg2What a busy week for policy in Michigan. The focus is on Lansing –  with big decisions to be made on roads, minimum wage, and Detroit. And next week, the growth of the state and plans for the future will be topics of conversation among business leaders and politicians at the 34th Annual Mackinac Policy Conference. This year the three major themes are: entrepreneurship, impact, and STEM education. Tonight we cover more of what to expect at the Policy Conference, as well as the following hot issues happening across the state:

  • Controlling Detroit after the bankruptcy
  • Raising the state sales tax for roads
  • Election 2014 with a spotlight on the 11th Congressional District
  • Setting the agenda for Michigan’s Future

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