March 26, 2015: Governor Snyder Visits / Road Funding / Michigan Education

We’re just three months into 2015, and there has been no shortage of news across Michigan: the state has a new School Superintendent and Detroit Public Schools has a new Emergency Manager. Plus, voters will decide in May whether Proposal One is the best solution for fixing Michigan’s crumbling roads and bridges. Tonight, Governor Rick Snyder joins us in studio to discuss road funding and education developments in Michigan.

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March 19, 2015: Proposal 1 / More Money for City Council? / New Schools Leader

Tonight, the MiWeek team takes a look at the stories making news across Michigan:

  • It’s complicated and controversial, but is Proposal 1 the right way to fix Michigan roads? The MiWeek team looks at the pros and cons of the May 5th statewide ballot proposal to fund road repairs.
  • Detroit City Council President Brenda Jones and City Clerk Janice Winfrey have requested raises. Is it bad timing, considering the City is just 3 months out of bankruptcy and City retirees are experiencing pension and healthcare cuts? The Council also passed a resolution giving them almost a week off in April. The MiWeek team sounds off on these recent Council moves.
  • The State Board of Education is close to picking a new schools chief and the decision could come as soon as today – - after the three finalists are interviews by the Board.
  • Rochester Hills Mayor fires off an open letter to Madonna after she put down the city’s residents, calling them “basic and provincial-thinking.” The MiWeek team sorts through the controversy.

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For the full discussion, join us tonight at 7:30 on WTVS – Detroit Public Television.

March 12, 2015: Stop the Violence / Economic Growth / Change in Congress

Tonight on MiWeeek, host Christy McDonald and weekly contributors, Nolan Finley and Stephen Henderson, examine the issues making news across the state:

  • Judge Berg shooting – The attack on U.S. District Judge Terrence Berg on his own front porch is igniting a call to action in the fight against crime in the Detroit. The MiWeek team discusses neighborhood policing and other crime-fighting initiatives. What has to change to make the city safer?
  • Education Achievement Authority – Are there changes on the horizon for the EAA?
  • Detroit Economic Growth Corporation President Rodrick Miller – The MiWeek team interviewed new DEGC President & CEO Rodrick Miller at the recent Detroit Policy Conference. We get his thoughts on investment and jobs in the city of Detroit, and how the city can best tell its story.
  • U.S. Representative Candice Miller – Longtime Michigan Congresswoman has decided not to run for re-election next year. The MiWeek team looks at Congresswoman Miller’s impact on Capitol Hill and the void she will leave behind.

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March 5, 2015: DPS Plan / Education and Economy / Netanyahu Speech

Tonight the MiWeek team welcomes Darnell Earley, Emergency Manager for the Detroit Public School system. Fresh off a stint at Flint’s Emergency Manger, Earley stepped in to lead the efforst to make DPS financially solvent and academically competitive. This week, Earley revealed a 10-point plan to improve education in Detroit. Earley joins us tonight to discuss his plans to bring stability back to Detroit Public Schools.

Also tonight, the MiWeek team takes a look at education across the state. Governor Snyder’s Education and Economic Summit took place at the Detroit Renaissance Center this week. For the first time, Governor Snyder combined the two topics because he says they’re so closely connected.

Plus, will Prime Minister Netanyahu’s controversial congressional appearance affect negotiations, and will Congress have a role in signing off on any deal with Iran?

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February 26, 2015: One-on-One with Mayor Mike Duggan / Coverage of Detroit Policy Conference

MIWEEK-347-WEB-EXTRAbAlmost two months after Detroit exited bankruptcy; the MiWeek teams hit the ground covering today’s Detroit Policy Conference, talking one-on-one with Mayor Mike Duggan and Governor Rick Snyder’s advisor, Paul Pastorek, about key issues affecting the region.

Tonight, host Christy McDonald and weekly contributors Nolan Finley and Stephen Henderson will interview Mayor Duggan about rebuilding Detroit after bankruptcy, solving key challenges facing the city, and 2016 fiscal budget.

The team will also talk with Pastorek about the state of education in Michigan and how the city and state can work together to continue Detroit’s resurgence and growth.

Plus, coverage of the 4th annual Detroit Policy Conference. The conference brings together key business, community and political leaders to inspire innovative solutions and urban revitalization by increasing dialogue between urban and suburban decision-makers and encourage collaborative efforst to grow business and shape Detroit’s future. 


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February 19, 2015: Judge Rhodes Talks / Charter School Scores / Magic Johnson’s Plans

It’s been a couple of months since Detroit officially emerged from chapter nine bankruptcy. And now the judge who presided over the history-making case, Judge Steven Rhodes, has officially retired. Judge Rhodes gave his first and only post-interview with WDET 101.9FM, discussing the City’s decision to file for bankruptcy, the importance of the grand bargain, as well as his controversial ruling concerning pensions. Host Christy McDonald and weekly contributors Nolan Finley and Stephen Henderson take a closer look at Judge Rhodes’ precedent-setting decisions.

Plus, report card time for Michigan’s charter school authorizers. The Education Trust-Midwest graded the organizations based on student achievement and improvement. The MiWeek team takes a look at the scores and examine whether all schools are being held accountable for results.

And can NBA legend Earvin Johnson work his “Magic” on the old State Fairgrounds? Johnson is leading a team of developers looking to transform the massive site into a mixed use project with stores, apartments, and possibly a movie theater. It’s all on MiWeek.

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February 12, 2015: Mayor Duggan’s Speech / State Budget / Corruption Probe Ends

Host Christy McDonald and weekly contributors Nolan Finley and Stephen Henderson examine Mayor Mike Duggan’s second State of the City Address. Instead of gathering in a city building downtown, Mayor Duggan delivered his speech in the heart of a Detroit neighborhood – at the Old Redford Theatre. The MiWeek team also takes a look at Governor Snyder’s state budget for the next fiscal year. Plus, Wayne County’s corruption probe has officially come to an end – so what will this mean for former County Executive Robert Ficano?

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Mayor Duggan on WDET with Stephen Henderson and Christy McDonald

Mayor Mike Duggan sits down with Stephen Henderson and Christy McDonald Monday at 9am

Mayor Duggan on WDET's Detroit Today

February 5, 2015: Transit Failure / No Violation / Mayor Duggan’s First Year

On this episode of MiWeek:

  • Detroiter James Robertson’s story of taking a bus partway and then 21 miles back and forth to his job in Rochester Hills attracted national attention. The MiWeek team will discuss the status of the Regional Transit Authority that was created two years ago, as well as solutions for a better transit system.
  • There is an uproar brewing over whether Governor Snyder went too far by using his State of the State address as a platform to ask residents to vote YES on the May 5th sales tax ballot proposal, which will go toward fixing Michigan roads. Christy and the team will look at how support is drying up for the ballot proposal, and the extra tax people may end up paying.
  • Has Mayor Duggan delivered on his first year promises? The MiWeek team will examine his successes and failures, plus look ahead to his State of the City address next Tuesday night.

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January 29, 2015: Education Coalition / Getting Answers From Government / Rising Rents

Tonight our special guest is Tonya Allen, President of The Skillman Foundation and Co-Chair of the Coalition for the Future of Detroit Schoolchildren, joins us to discuss the Coalition’s goals, the Governor’s education remarks in his State of the State, and the Coalition’s meetings with parents.

The MiWeek team will also look at other stories taking news across the state:

  • We analyze the issues included in contributor Stephen Henderson’s Sunday column about the need to fix Michigan’s Freedom of Information Act and making government completely transparent
  • We discuss recent complaints from African-American owned businesses being “priced out” of the booming downtown and Midtown areas by landlords who are dramatically increasing rents.

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