April 17, 2014: Deal for Retirees / Michigan’s Education Grade / Pulitzer Prize

Tonight on MiWeek: Stephen Henderson and Nolan Finley

  • A new deal for retirees in Detroit’s bankruptcy: How will this change the bankruptcy timeline? Will this move have implications for other cities with long-term obligations?
  • Grading Michigan’s education system:  A non-partisan research and policy organization reports on the state of education in Michigan – did we make the grade?
  • Plus, we hang out with a Pulitzer Prize winner! MiWeek contibutor, Stephen Henderson won the 2014 Pulitzer Prize for Commentary. Read more about Stephen and his winning columns.

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April 10, 2014: Bankruptcy Deal / Help Wanted: Congress / Wayne County Exec. Race / New Road Plan

Tonight on MiWeek:


  • A deal with bondholders in Detroit’s bankruptcy, but is the DIA’s art still at risk?
  • Who will run for the soon-to-be vacant Congressional seats?
  • The Wayne County Prosecutor wants voters to make another choice for Wayne County Executive
  • House legislators pass a new plan to fix the state’s crumbling roads

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April 3, 2014: Political Shockers / GM in the Hot Seat / Bankruptcy Update / Presidential Visit


Tonight on MiWeek:

  • The announcement of yet another retirement among senior members of Michigan’s congressional delegation. Who will fill the void, and what does this mean for Michigan?
  • General Motors CEO Mary Barra takes the heat from Congress on the auto company’s ignition problems. What did GM know and when did they know it?
  • Changes in Detroit’s bankruptcy plan of adjustment – and the deals aren’t getting any better
  • President Obama brings his minimum wage message to Michigan

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March 20, 2014: Election 2014 / Revenue Stealing? / What to Watch

MIWEEK301HDseg3 Tonight on MiWeek:

  • How will Election 2014 affect you?
  • Developments in the U.S. Senate race
  • Numbers shifing in the Governor’s race
  • Cities across the state miss out on millions of dollars
  • And much more!

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March 13, 2014: EM Success / Water Department Plan B / Gay Marriage Impact / Headlines

Every week, the MiWeek team examines the stories making news across Michigan. Here is what’s in store for tonight’s show:

  • The impact of emergency management in Michigan – is it still the solution for struggling cities?
  • Michigan’s ban on gay marriage and it’s possible effect on our economic recovery.
  • In the wake of unproductive talks for a regional authority, is privatization the next step for Detroit’s Water and Sewerage department?
  • The pending investigation into GM’s ignition recall.
  • And much more!

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March 6, 2014: Bridge Budget / Bankruptcy Deal / Pothole Money

Tonight on MiWeek, we’re talking money. Here is what’s in store:

  • A look at how the President’s new budget proposal could affect the new international trade crossing to Canada
  • Just how much will the state spend to fix Michigan’s roads?
  • A big deal this week could be the key to Detroit’s bankruptcy resolution
  • Election 2014 coverage on the race for Wayne County Executive

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February 27, 2014: State of the City / Future of Detroit / Dingell Dynasty

MiWeek Team







Tonight, MiWeek is on the road at the Detroit Policy Conference. Detroit’s plan of adjustment has been released and it’s a plan on one likes – so what will happen next? Plus, we take a look at the city’s future with historian and native Detroiter, Thomas Sugrue.

Topics Discussed:

  • Mayor Duggan’s State of the City Address
  • Detroit’s Plan of Adjustment
  • Conversation with Thomas Sugrue
  • John Dingell Retires

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February 20, 2014: Future of Road Projects / Detroit’s Plan of Adjustment / Future of the EAA

MiWeek team

The MiWeek Team

MiWeek is your source for news, political analysis, and all things Michigan. Here is what’s in store for tonight’s MiWeek:

  • Future of Road Projects - Lawmakers look to help out counties and cities that are running out of money, but at what cost to big long-term projects?
  • Detroit’s Plan of Adjustment – Detroit’s plan of adjustment is expected this week. The MiWeek team explains why this is one of the most pivotal points of the bankruptcy process.
  • Future of the EAA – EAA, the new state district that was supposed to take on failing schools will no longer be the only option. Our team explores what this will really mean for the EAA.
  • 13th/14th Congressional Races – In 2014 election coverage, Representative John Conyers may have his toughest challenger in years.
  • Plus, more stories making headlines in Michigan.

February 6, 2014: Michigan Budget/ Snyder vs. Schauer/ Water Fight/ Downtown Arena Concerns

Christy McDonaldTonight the MiWeek team tackles the issues making news across Michigan – from hockey to political advertising. First the team takes a look at the details of Governor Snyder’s proposed budget. The budget reflects a focus on education funding – with an increase of a little more than 6%  for public universities and an increase of a little more than 3% for K-12 and community colleges. This is good news for school districts throughout the state, but the proposed budget lacked across-the-board tax cuts that many legislators wanted.

On Sunday, millions of football (and commercial) enthusiasts gathered around televisions and computer screens to watch the Superbowl. On this night, Governor Snyder also debuted his “Comeback Kid” campaign ad to mixed reviews. The Center for Michigan’s Truth Squad, a group that examines political ads, called fouls on both Governor Snyder and his opponent, Mark Schauer, for deceptive statements.

And for other stories making headlines this week: a fight over terms for a regional authority for Detroit’s water department. Plus, a big step toward a new hockey arena in downtown Detroit.

Here’s a preview of tonight’s show:

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Interfaith Leaders Consider Advocacy Agenda for Detroit

Religious leaders from across Detroit heard a call to reach deep into their faith traditions and stake out a moral position about what is happening in Detroit.

Bishop Edgar Vann of Second Ebenezer Church challenged the audience to consider whether the battle over pensions for city workers and improvements that are affecting neighborhoods will benefit residents of the city, or whether bond holders and other financial organizations will end up with a larger settlement as the city moves through bankruptcy.  ”It is important,” Vann said, “to keep people first.”

Rabbi Joseph Krakoff, of Congregation Shaary Zedek, called for unity between city residents and their suburban counterparts who want to help.  ”We need a vision every one of us can get excited about,” Krakoff declared.  Citing Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Rabbi Krakoff said Detroit residents have been allowed to become invisible.  He called on the religious leaders to create compassion in their congregations and to turn that compassion into passionate commitment to intervene in Detroit.

About two dozen others spoke out during the nearly two hour meeting.  Many speakers represented programs that are already at work within the city, attacking issues of education, literacy, job training, neighborhood redevelopment, and blight removal.  Several speakers cited a need to fight despair among city residents with hope and stories of success.

The Monday meeting kicks off a series of conversations among religious leaders and their designates over the next few weeks, as they seek common ground and outline a plan of action.  Detroit City Council member Andre Spivey said he welcomes the involvement of the religious leaders, saying the city needs solutions and must continue to move forward while the bankruptcy process is underway.

More than 100 interfaith leaders gathered at Second Ebenezer Church in Detroit.  The event was co-sponsored by the Jewish Community Relations Council, the Religious Leaders Forum, and the Interfaith Council of Metropolitan Detroit.  Mayor Mike Duggan was scheduled to appear at the forum, but cancelled earlier in the day, citing the press of business.


Georgeann Herbert is Senior Vice President for Content and Community Engagement at Detroit Public Television.