October 30, 2014: Election Countdown

Tonight on MiWeek, the team takes a look at some of the issues brewing for the upcoming election: 

  • A dead heat in the governor’s race – what difference will absentee ballots make?
  • There seems to be a new poll everyday – but can you really believe them?
  • A look at the fight over state House and Senate seats – will the Democrats change the balance of power?
  • One candidate is putting more cash into a big campaign – but is it too late?

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MiWeek Election Special 2014 – Monday Nov 3, 7pm

MiWeek Team - Stephen Henderson, Christy McDonald and Nolan Finley


Join the host Christy McDonald and contributors Nolan Finley and Stephen Henderson Monday, November 3, 2014 at 7pm ET for the MiWeek Election Special 2014.  The team will review what’s on the ballot and what it means for Michigan.


October 23, 2014: Road Funding / Key Election 2014 Races / Car Buying in MI / Grudge Match!

Tonight on MiWeek: With just under two weeks until election day, the MiWeek team looks beyond November 4th and considers what the lame duck session lawmakers will (or won’t) do when they head back to Lansing. Join us for an analysis

  • Funding for roads
  • A check on Election 2014
  • The “Anti-Tesla” bill
  • Detroit bankruptcy ruling
  • Michigan’s most famous grudge match

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October 16, 2014: Snyder and Schauer Town Hall Recap / Big Names Campaigning / Detroit Bankruptcy

Tonight, the MiWeek team discusses the town hall everyone is talking about between Governor Rick Snyder and challenger Mark Schauer. We take a closer look at a few of the key moments from Sunday’s forum, the reaction, and how it will affect the race. Plus, we take a look at Election 2014 and discuss Detroit’s bankruptcy.


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MiWeek Team to Host Gubernatorial Candidate Town Hall

Detroit Public Television, The Detroit News and the Detroit Free Press will co-host a Michigan Gubernatorial Town Hall Forum. Detroit Free Press Editorial Page Editor Stephen Henderson and Detroit News Editorial Page Editor Nolan Finley. Detroit Public TV Anchor Christy McDonald will serve as the event’s host.

October 9, 2014: U.S. Senate Surprises / Gubernatorial Debate / Detroit Leadership at Odds / Gay Marriage in MI

We are now four weeks away from the election, and there have been some big moves this week. Tonight the MiWeek team takes a look at the stories making headlines across the state:

  • Bad news for senate candidate Terri Lynn Land – almost a million dollars in ads for her campaign are being pulled.
  • The live town hall between gubernatorial candidates, Governor Rick Snyder and Mark Schauer, is this weekend – what impact could it have on the race?
  • Detroit leadership is at odds over an ordinance that would affect new business in the city.
  • In light on the Supreme Court’s decision not to take on cases this week, what is the fate of gay marriage in Michigan?

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October 2, 2014: Blight Fight / Transition of Power / Governor’s Race / U of M in the Spotlight

Tonight on MiWeek:

  • Fighting blight in Detroit is getting some traction and using some high-tech tools along the way
  • How will the transition of power work in the city of Detroit?
  • There’s a new poll in the Governor’s race
  • Controversial ads are emerging in this election – View the wedding dress ad
  • The University of Michigan is in the spotlight – but it’s not a good thing


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September 25, 2014: The Future of Kevyn Orr / Snyder & Schauer Town Hall / Bentevolio Write-In Campaign? / New Arena Groundbreaking

Tonight the MiWeek team tackles the stories making headlines across the state:

  • Governor Snyder and democratic opponent Mark Schauer finally came to an agreement to meet face-to-face
  • City Council, Mayor Duggan, and a few attorneys meet to determine the future of Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr
  • Is Congressman Kerry Bentevolio, who lost in the primary, really plotting a write-in campaign?
  • Groundbreaking at the new arena in downtown Detroit


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September 18, 2014: Race for Governor / Campaign News / Wayne County Jail Project / Detroit Bankruptcy

Tonight on MiWeek, we’re taking a look at the Governor’s race. Governor Snyder has called for town hall meetings instead of debates with his opponent, Mark Schauer. How will this play in the race? What are the biggest issues voters are considering? Join us for the discussion. Also tonight:

  • Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan trying to convince Detroit City Council to accept the water deal
  • How close are we to the end of the bankruptcy process?
  • Failed Wayne County jail project turns into a criminal case


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