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April 3, 2014: Political Shockers / GM in the Hot Seat / Bankruptcy Update / Presidential Visit

Tonight on MiWeek: The announcement of yet another retirement among senior members of Michigan’s congressional delegation. Who will fill the void, and what does this mean for Michigan? General Motors CEO Mary Barra takes the heat from Congress on the auto company’s ignition problems. What did GM know and when did they know it? Changes […]


March 27, 2014: Gay Marriage / Kevyn Orr Report card / Minimum Wage Reality / More Beer in Michigan

Tonight on MiWeek, an analysis of news across the state: The future of same-sex marriage is in a holding pattern – along with the couples who tied the knot. What is the fate of same-sex marriage in Michigan? The debate over raising the minimum wage is picking up momentum – what does this mean for […]


March 20, 2014: Election 2014 / Revenue Stealing? / What to Watch

 Tonight on MiWeek: How will Election 2014 affect you? Developments in the U.S. Senate race Numbers shifing in the Governor’s race Cities across the state miss out on millions of dollars And much more! Plus, we turn 2 this week! Send the MiWeek team your birthday wishes on Twitter and Facebook! Join us tonight at […]

Stephen Henderson Editorial Page Editor The Detroit Free Press
Nolan Finley Editorial Page Editor The Detroit News
  • Pulte's blight vision gets torn down
    Did blight buster Bill Pulte really decide his work in Detroit was done and it was time to move on? Or did he get shoved out by the Duggan administration?
  • Don't charge mob with hate
    We can punish criminals for what they do, and not what they think or say, while still delivering justice for their victims — and without weakening the Constitution.
  • Schauer's pick moves ticket further left
    Political wisdom says that elections are won in the middle. Candidates from the ideological extremes, we're told, may score big in primaries, but have little appeal to general election voters.
  • Column: Still too much hate in Detroit
    Despite the resurgent downtown, with its hot new bars and restaurants and hipsters lovin' the urban life, much of Detroit remains a very dangerous place.