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MiWeek - August 20, 2015 - Road funding Stephen v. Nolan

8/20/15: Roads, the House, and School Enrollment

Student enrollment is shrinking in Michigan’s public schools, forcing districts to close buildings and make cuts due to a drop in enrollment-based revenue. The MiWeek team weighs in on the financial fallout and whether this trend will ever reverse. Plus, State lawmakers are still trying to get a $1.2 billion roads funding package passed.  Now, […]


8/13/15: State House Sex Scandal / Trump in Michigan / Melissa Gilbert

Tonight, host Christy McDonald and weekly contributors Nolan Finley and Stephen Henderson take a look at the stories making headlines across the state: As details of an alleged cover-up plot involving two state lawmakers continue to emerge, the MiWeek team speculates on what will happen next to Rep. Todd Courser and Rep. Cindy Gamrat. Republican […]


8/6/15: Republican Presidential Debate / FBI Surveillance / Local Headlines

Tonight on MiWeek, host Christy McDonald and contributors Nolan Finley and Nancy Kaffer take a look at the stories making headlines across the state: The first of several Republican Presidential debates takes place Thursday night. The MiWeek team talks about the issues likely to come up for discussion and they speculate on the tone of […]

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