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August 21, 2014: State of Michigan / New Plan for Detroit Schools / MI GOP Convention / Water Dept. Deal?

Tonight, Nancy Kaffer of the Detroit Free Press joins host, Christy McDonald, and weekly contributor Nolan Finley for an analysis of the stories making news across the state: Summer is winding down and that means soon it will be time to head back to school – So what is the state of education in Michigan? […]


August 14, 2014: Flooding Aftermath / Charter School Changes / Bankruptcy Trial Delay

Tonight on MiWeek: Flooding in southeast Michigan is officially a disaster. How much will it cost to clean up, and what does this say about our infrastructure in Michigan? Plus, the debate over charter schools in Michigan and accountability ramps up – just weeks before the school year is set to begin.  And another delay […]


August 7, 2014: Primary Election Results / Headlines

Join the MiWeek team tonight for our post-Primary Election rundown: Why early polls didn’t mean a thing in two big races Is this the end of a political career for Wayne County Executive Bob Ficano? What is the significance of a Brenda Lawrence win in the 14th Congressional District? An angry acceptance speech on the […]

Stephen Henderson Editorial Page Editor The Detroit Free Press
  • Stephen Henderson: In the absence of memory, love still exists
    'Stephen? Who is Stephen?'
  • Stephen Henderson: Detroit's resilience must be seen to be believed
    It's the people who will teach you the most. Their defining, irrepressible vitality is what keeps this city going. It's what cries out for help and investment, a chance to make Detroit great again. And they'll show you that the city's financial mess, the cause of the bankruptcy, isn't their fault, but the product of decades of decline. Now, a dearth of essential city services wallops their lives with incompetence and incapability. The federal court overseeing the bankruptcy will be yet another victimizer if it allows banks to come out ahead of Detroiters.
Nolan Finley Editorial Page Editor The Detroit News
  • Mark Schauer joins the war on women
    It is richly ironic that Schauer so ardently embraced the nomination of a pro-life Supreme Court candidate at last weekend's state party convention.
  • Will Snyder find votes in Detroit?
    A Republican governor hunting for votes in Detroit might as well wear a blindfold. The city is so loyally Democratic that 60 percent of voters just walk into the booth, yank the donkey's tail and walk out.
  • Court deal may take heat out of election
    For the first time in 16 years, the state Supreme Court races on Michigan's fall ballot may be lightly battled, low-key affairs. After a string of bitterly contested and hugely expensive court campaigns, Republicans and Democrats are calling a truce.
  • Detroit, suburbs near deal on regional water authority
    Perhaps the most vexing piece of Detroit's financial recovery puzzle is about to fall in place. The suburbs and city are finalizing a deal to turn over ownership and operation of the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department to a regional authority.