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September 4, 2014: Detroit Bankruptcy / Election 2014

It’s week one of Detroit’s bankruptcy trial and the City makes its case for the restructuring plan. Tonight, WDET’s Sandra Svoboda joins us as we take a look at what happened in court and what it all means moving forward. Plus, with election season in full swing we take a closer look at the U.S. […]


August 28, 2014: Election Season / Teacher Deadline / Bankruptcy Trial / End of an Era

Tonight on MiWeek, weekly contributor Stephen Henderson is joined by special guests Jenn White, host of Michigan Radio’s “All Things Considered” and Ingrid Jacques, Deputy Editorial Page Editor of the Detroit News. Here are some of the stories making news across the state: Election season is in full swing – what do the candidates need […]


August 21, 2014: State of Michigan / New Plan for Detroit Schools / MI GOP Convention / Water Dept. Deal?

Tonight, Nancy Kaffer of the Detroit Free Press joins host, Christy McDonald, and weekly contributor Nolan Finley for an analysis of the stories making news across the state: Summer is winding down and that means soon it will be time to head back to school – So what is the state of education in Michigan? […]

Stephen Henderson Editorial Page Editor The Detroit Free Press
Nolan Finley Editorial Page Editor The Detroit News
  • Column: Mr. Obama goes to war
    President Barack Obama has come to the realization that the war on terror doesn't end simply because you quit fighting it. The rest of America must get to the same place.
  • GOP wave may instead be undertow
    Those who are looking for a Republican wave building for the November election won't find evidence of it in Michigan.
  • Poor-mouthing the presidency
    Diehard defenders of Barack Obama's disintegrating presidency have shifted to a new story line: It's not that the president is doing too little, it's that we expect too much.
  • Mark Schauer joins the war on women
    It is richly ironic that Schauer so ardently embraced the nomination of a pro-life Supreme Court candidate at last weekend's state party convention.