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May 21, 2015: Road Funds / Prison Reform / Policy Forum / Detroit Investors

We’ve been talking about the bad condition of Michigan roads for a while and now the legislature and Governor Snyder have reached a deal on how much money will be used to fix the state’s roads and bridges. However, it’s only a drop in the bucket for the total amount that’s needed. Tonight, the MiWeek […]


May 14, 2015: Senator Charged / Transit Plan / Summer Sessions / New Deadlines

State Senator Virgil Smith faces felony charges following a shooting incident at his Detroit home involving his ex-wife. He’s been removed from Senate committees and caucus duties.  But is that enough? The MiWeek team discusses the limited options in the State Constitution for removing legislators. The Regional Transit Authority kicked off its master planning process […]


May 7, 2015: Roads Plan B / Detroit Fatigue? / POTUS Candidates / MiWeek Headlines

Proposal 1 to fix the state’s roads went down in defeat. What’s the fallout and what happens now? What will lawmakers propose next? The MiWeek team tackles these questions. In addition to fixing the roads, the legislature must also debate Governor Snyder’s education plan. What will it take in terms of money and how will […]

Stephen Henderson Editorial Page Editor The Detroit Free Press