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7/23/15: City Emails / County Money / Party Lines / Council Votes

Tonight on MiWeek: Governor Snyder announces that he is in agreement with the sate review team’s assessment of Wayne County – it is in financial emergency. Now, it’s up to the Wayne County Commission to determine the next steps. Should the Mayor and City of Detroit employees conduct city business using personal email accounts? That […]


7/16/15: Flag Flap / Iran Deal / Illegal Art? / Good News

Tonight on MiWeek: General Motors stands behind Chevrolet’s sponsorship of Kid Rock’s summer tour, even though a local civil rights group is urging the automaker to cut financial ties with the singer because he may display a Confederate Flag on stage as he has in the past. Will this impact GM? U.S. lawmakers, including some […]


MiWeek Web Exclusive: Extended Dan Varner Interview (7/9/15)

As Detroit Public Schools closes out the fiscal year with a $238 million deficit, national education experts have been visiting the City at the invitation of Excellent Schools Detroit.  Christy interviews ESD CEO Dan Varner about the visits and what advice the school reformers are providing for improving education in Detroit. Watch the full interview […]

Stephen Henderson Editorial Page Editor The Detroit Free Press