August 14, 2014: Flooding Aftermath / Charter School Changes / Bankruptcy Trial Delay

Tonight on MiWeek: Flooding in southeast Michigan is officially a disaster. How much will it cost to clean up, and what does this say about our infrastructure in Michigan? Plus, the debate over charter schools in Michigan and accountability ramps up – just weeks before the school year is set to begin.  And another delay in Detroit’s bankruptcy.  It’s all tonight on MiWeek!

Watch tonight’s episode:



  1. Pamela Young says:

    Absolutely love the show! Christy McDonald is a wonderful journalist and the topics are very relevant. What I really like are the indepth discussions and thoughtful questions – not the drama and inane questions seen on national news shows. I’m a news junkie and really appreciate this show.

    I have a story you might be interested in. It is geotourism and how it is transforming southeastern Michigan and the Traverse City region. Eastern Michigan University has one of only two programs in the country (the other is Missouri State) and our expert, Kelly Victor-Burke, can address the success of how businesses and local residents are adapting. The businesses are successful without everyone “loving a place to death.” I’d like to send you more information but didn’t see an email on where to send story ideas.

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