April 10, 2014: Bankruptcy Deal / Help Wanted: Congress / Wayne County Exec. Race / New Road Plan

Tonight on MiWeek:


  • A deal with bondholders in Detroit’s bankruptcy, but is the DIA’s art still at risk?
  • Who will run for the soon-to-be vacant Congressional seats?
  • The Wayne County Prosecutor wants voters to make another choice for Wayne County Executive
  • House legislators pass a new plan to fix the state’s crumbling roads

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  1. David Young says:

    During the April 10 edition on the subject of fixing the State’s crumbling roads, I believe you stated that ‘no one will support a tax increase to help pay to fix the roads’ – or similar phraseology. I am not sure of your base for that statement as I, for one contest that position. I would support an effective, efficient, selective tax increase (annual fee, gas tax) – in conjunction with using some of the budget surplus – if it would result in repairing our broken roads and then maintaining them. Also, several people I know are of a similar view. I have also communicated my view to McCready and Pappageorge. What I do not support is legislative dithering!
    So, just my observation which I trust you will take in to account, but important enough to make the point that some people are willing to support a tax increase.
    Thank you.

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