March 13, 2014: EM Success / Water Department Plan B / Gay Marriage Impact / Headlines

Every week, the MiWeek team examines the stories making news across Michigan. Here is what’s in store for tonight’s show:

  • The impact of emergency management in Michigan – is it still the solution for struggling cities?
  • Michigan’s ban on gay marriage and it’s possible effect on our economic recovery.
  • In the wake of unproductive talks for a regional authority, is privatization the next step for Detroit’s Water and Sewerage department?
  • The pending investigation into GM’s ignition recall.
  • And much more!

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  1. Thomas Blackstone says:

    Since MiWeek bills itself as a public affairs program for the state of Michigan, how about getting editorial directors from newspapers in other parts of Michigan: Grand Rapids, Traverse City, Ste. St. Marie, etc. I am very familiar with Finley and Henderson because they commonly appear on other local Detroit public affairs programs. Please get some variety.

  2. Liberty Penguin says:

    I really expect more from PBS. Public Television used to be the one place you could go that would show all the sides of an issue (not just two)

    EM, why not just eliminate the city government and let neighboorhoods rebuild?
    Gay Marriage, why not just seperate marriage and state and treat everyone equally, as individuals?
    Privatization would be great, but you’re not talking about privateization, you’re talking about corporataization.
    Practically half the show debating the non-race between Land and Peters with no mention of the great Libertarian running this year, Jim Fulner. I tell my 1 year old daughter to pick “this or this” because it makes her feel good and still lets me control what she does. Michiganders aren’t 1 year olds, they deserve to have the whole world at their finger tips to choose from.

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