February 27, 2014: State of the City / Future of Detroit / Dingell Dynasty

MiWeek Team







Tonight, MiWeek is on the road at the Detroit Policy Conference. Detroit’s plan of adjustment has been released and it’s a plan on one likes – so what will happen next? Plus, we take a look at the city’s future with historian and native Detroiter, Thomas Sugrue.

Topics Discussed:

  • Mayor Duggan’s State of the City Address
  • Detroit’s Plan of Adjustment
  • Conversation with Thomas Sugrue
  • John Dingell Retires

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  1. Michael Western says:

    Obviously, there is a lot going on in Detroit, but your program should be called “D Week” instead of “MI Week” because it is consistently focused on Detroit more than the rest of the state of Michigan. It appears you leave whatever is occurring in Lansing, Grand Rapids, Port Huron, or the UP to be covered by other news media and you concentrate on Detroit to the exclusion of issues impacting the other cities in the state. That’s fine, but the name of your program is definitely misleading.

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