February 20, 2014: Future of Road Projects / Detroit’s Plan of Adjustment / Future of the EAA

MiWeek team

The MiWeek Team

MiWeek is your source for news, political analysis, and all things Michigan. Here is what’s in store for tonight’s MiWeek:

  • Future of Road Projects – Lawmakers look to help out counties and cities that are running out of money, but at what cost to big long-term projects?
  • Detroit’s Plan of Adjustment – Detroit’s plan of adjustment is expected this week. The MiWeek team explains why this is one of the most pivotal points of the bankruptcy process.
  • Future of the EAA – EAA, the new state district that was supposed to take on failing schools will no longer be the only option. Our team explores what this will really mean for the EAA.
  • 13th/14th Congressional Races – In 2014 election coverage, Representative John Conyers may have his toughest challenger in years.
  • Plus, more stories making headlines in Michigan.

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