November 21, 2013: Legislation to Explain Health Insurance Price Increases?

Tonight on MiWeek: Should legislators require insurance companies to explain health insurance price increases? In Michigan, some lawmakers have floated a bill that would make insurance companies explain exactly what price increases are due to Obamacare. Is this necessary, or are lawmakers just adding more redtape? Host Christy McDonald, along with contributors, Nolan Finley and Stephen Henderson, weigh in. Don’t miss the conversation – tonight at 7:30 on your Detroit Public Television!

We’re also discussing:

  • Detroit in Transition
  • Political Ad Money Coming to Michigan
  • Trouble for Toronto’s Mayor
  • Oxford Dictionary’s Word of the Year
MiWeek Team

Tune in to WTVS-Detroit Public Television tonight at 7:30 p.m. for the full discussion!






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