October 31, 2013: What Is Ahead For Michigan’s Economic Future?

Tonight, the MiWeek team comes to you from the site of the Business Leaders for Michigan CEO Summit. Hundreds of CEOS gathered at the Book Cadillac Hotel in Detroit to brainstorm some innovative ways to revive Michigan’s economy. Christy McDonald, along with MiWeek contributors, Stephen Henderson and Nolan Finley, speak with business leaders to get their take on how Michigan will continue on the road to economic recovery. Guests include President and CEO of Business Leaders for Michigan, Doug Rothwell; President of the Business Roundtable and former Michigan governor, John Engler; and President and CEO of the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, Michael Finney. You don’t want to miss this edition of MiWeek!

John Engler joins the MiWeek panel.

The MiWeek team welcomes former governor, John Engler.







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