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August 14, 2014: Flooding Aftermath / Charter School Changes / Bankruptcy Trial Delay

Tonight on MiWeek: Flooding in southeast Michigan is officially a disaster. How much will it cost to clean up, and what does this say about our infrastructure in Michigan? Plus, the debate over charter schools in Michigan and accountability ramps up – just weeks before the school year is set to begin.  And another delay […]


August 7, 2014: Primary Election Results / Headlines

Join the MiWeek team tonight for our post-Primary Election rundown: Why early polls didn’t mean a thing in two big races Is this the end of a political career for Wayne County Executive Bob Ficano? What is the significance of a Brenda Lawrence win in the 14th Congressional District? An angry acceptance speech on the […]


July 31, 2014: Primary Races to Watch / Battle for Governor / Duggan & Water Department

Tonight on MiWeek, the team tackles the stories making an impact across the state: The top races you need to watch for Primary Tuesday – and how they’ll impact the state How tight will the race become for Governor Snyder’s job? Mayor Mike Duggan takes over the Detroit Water Department – should he continue the […]

Stephen Henderson Editorial Page Editor The Detroit Free Press
Nolan Finley Editorial Page Editor The Detroit News
  • Will Snyder find votes in Detroit?
    A Republican governor hunting for votes in Detroit might as well wear a blindfold. The city is so loyally Democratic that 60 percent of voters just walk into the booth, yank the donkey's tail and walk out.
  • Court deal may take heat out of election
    For the first time in 16 years, the state Supreme Court races on Michigan's fall ballot may be lightly battled, low-key affairs. After a string of bitterly contested and hugely expensive court campaigns, Republicans and Democrats are calling a truce.
  • Detroit, suburbs near deal on regional water authority
    Perhaps the most vexing piece of Detroit's financial recovery puzzle is about to fall in place. The suburbs and city are finalizing a deal to turn over ownership and operation of the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department to a regional authority.
  • Column: Syncora stinking up bankruptcy
    Whether Detroit's bankruptcy ends in a neatly wrapped package or drags into a long and expensive court fight depends on how the poker game plays out over the next 12 days between the city and its last holdout creditor.