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April 16, 2015: Wayne County Tax Extension Plan

Tonight on MiWeek, we take a closer look at the foreclosure crisis in Wayne County. 76,000 homes are facing tax foreclosure this year, and new laws have helped people get into plans with fewer penalties. Chief Deputy Treasurer David Szymanski joins us to discuss payment plan extensions for homeowners facing tax foreclosure. The Team also […]


April 9, 2015: Pothole 911 / 2015 News Stories / 2016 POTUS Race

With pothole season upon us, we all know how dangerous some of those craters can be for drivers. For the second year, Macomb County residents have been told to dial 911 if they see a pothole that could cause severe damage to their vehicles. The goal? To get the pothole assessed and fixed right away. […]


April 2, 2015: Improving Detroit Schools / Detroit City Council Pay Raises / Religious Freedom Act

The report by the Coalition for the Future of Detroit Schoolchildren recommends sweeping changes in Detroit education. John Rakolta, Jr., one of the Coalition’s co-chairs, joins the MiWeek team in the studio to break down the Coalition’s report. Plus, the team takes a brief look at a couple other news headlines: The pay raises granted […]

Stephen Henderson Editorial Page Editor The Detroit Free Press